Living Your Truth Through the Little Things

So many times, while we go through our daily routines we forget that, while our stories are personal ones, we are each playing a part of the larger narrative. When facing things like a loved one’s birthday, special holiday, anything we take pride in, or feel reflects upon us, we are more inclined to demand perfection. This often leads to stress and resentment, ESPECIALLY during the holidays. For Lisa Sarber Aldrich of Grand Rapids, Michigan, this was not an issue.


The cake in question:

I find, in this demonstration of kindness and acceptance, a beautiful harmony between our First & Second Unitarian Universalist Principles:

First Principle: The inherent worth and dignity of every person

Second Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;

I challenge everyone reading this to reach out and exhibit this level of love and kindness in your interactions with the world around you this holiday season. I think you will be amazed at what a gift THAT will be.

And to you, Lisa, it is a wonderful feeling to know there are people like you left in the world. Your children and your community are lucky to have you. Thank you for this beautiful life lesson.

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Back on Track!

In October, I was honored to be invited to join the staff of Community Unitarian Universalist Church of Plano, Texas, while my dear friend and mentor takes a much-deserved sabbatical from her position as Director of Religious Education (DRE.)

October was a whirlwind of getting to know everyone and keeping the wheels moving smoothly. I have been truly touched by the incredible welcome I’ve received and am really looking forward to the next several months.

November followed with a number of Religious Education Special Days, a few challenges, and an opportunity to attend the UUA Southern Region’s Fall Conference 2015: Into the FUUture!  I attended the track “Covenant, Conflict, Community” with Connie Goodbread, which was truly an amazing experience. Words cannot express how it feels to walk away from a weekend retreat, KNOWING what you are going to do with the rest of your life, and seeing a path to get you there. That is another post, I’m afraid, but there is definitely a goal in sight. 😉

Now, we move into December and more Special RE Days and multigenerational services for the holidays. It is going to be an exciting month!

It’s my hope to make weekly posts and keep developing this blog as a family resource for UU’s all over the world. If there is a topic you would like to see me cover, PLEASE, don’t hesitate to comment or message me directly.

Much Love!





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Moving Along!

Hello! We’re finally back in gear with a working computer again, yay!  Lots of time to make up for, so here is the quick report:

Over the last few weeks we have continued our review of the seven principals and why we light our chalice. We have also talked a bit about personal belief systems and how they can all fit together on this Rainbow Road. Last week we created our own belief leaves to complement our Sacred Journey Fellowship Family Tree, pictures to come soon!

Parents: We could use some assistance with our weekly “feast” or snack time. Please look for a signup sheet in the coming days.

Also coming: Student Registration and Fundraising, Parents Only part of this website, Kids Corner and more!

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Busy Times

The last two weeks have been very busy around here! We’ve learned why we light our U*U Chalice and what it symbolizes, and have discussed where our food comes from. Our children have been adapting and flourishing in the new program. Each week they demonstrate that they are “getting it” and doing wonderful work of their own.

Next Week: Next Week, we will talk about democracy, and its importance in living in community, through a story about voting and playing fair.

I am seeking for a parent or volunteer to bring a small healthy snack for sharing during our “Feast time” at the end of the hour. Please contact me if you are able and willing to contribute.

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Spending Time in Community

This week we reviewed our 7 Promises through our new rainbow room decoration. After discussing the promises, the children were directed to a table covered in Art Supplies, which they put to very good use!

After clean-up and a snack, we spent time outside enjoying the beautiful day and playing games together.

Next Week: Next Week, we will discover the significance of the lit chalice in the Unitarian Universalist faith.What it means to be a Community and how our promises help us do so in harmony with one another.

I am seeking for a parent or volunteer to bring a small healthy snack for sharing during our “Feast time” at the end of the hour. Please contact me if you are able and willing to contribute.

Parent Notes: As I am having some computer difficulties (that I hope to have resolved shortly) there were no take home Parent Notes this week.


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Being Grateful for Sacrifices Made for Us

Through our story today we learned what it means to be grateful for our food. Grateful for the resources and forces that grow and nurture the plants and animals we eat, and grateful for the time and energy expended in harvesting and preparing each meal. Our story about Cerrunnos was set in the Neopagan tradition and discussed concepts of ethical eating, and how to acknowledge and be grateful for the energy exchanged in nature in order for us to eat and survive.

Following our lesson, the children made apple prints and horns of their very own. Everyone participated fully and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Next Week: As we are learning the new natural cycle of our new program, we continually find ourselves rushed through our work time. This week, we will review the seven Unitarian Universalist promises through a special surprise I am preparing, and then it will be open work time. Several promise specific projects will be demonstrated and available, then they will choose their own work.

I am seeking for a parent or volunteer to bring a small healthy snack for sharing during our “Feast time” at the end of the hour. Please contact me if you are able and willing to contribute.

Parent Notes: As I am having some computer difficulties (that I hope to have resolved shortly) there were no take home Parent Notes this week.

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Making Promises

This week we are sampling a little of the Spirit Play curriculum I was fortunate enough to receive training on yesterday. Many, many thanks to our friends at Community Church and First Jefferson for making it possible for our small church to attend such an amazing and informative experience. It has really confirmed my suspicions that this program is definitely right for us here at Sacred Journey! So much so, that I rushed home and made our first story last night!

Following the General Promises story lesson, which is a re-telling of the 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles, the children will be provided tools for an art response of their own, or for creating a set of Pocket Promises to carry with them.

  1. Respect All People (Red Promise)
  2. Offer kind and fair treatment to all (Orange Promise)
  3. Grow by Exploring What is True and Right (Green Promise)
  4. Believe in our Ideas and Act on Them (Blue Promise)
  5. Yearn to Accept and Learn About Ourselves and Others (Yellow Promise)
  6. Insist on Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all People (Indigo Promise)
  7. Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living beings (Violet Promise)

Service Call!

As we move forward, in preparation of installing the Spirit Play curriculum as a weekly feature, we will have one Sunday a month designated as Spirit Play. In addition to our routing curriculum days, the Wheel of the Year Holiday stories will also be presented. This curriculum is chock full of opportunities for crafty people to get in on the action, I can’t do this all alone! Please, if you are interested in creating a story kit, I would love to share the fun. Feel free to come by and see some examples of stories and the many wonderful ways for them to be expressed.  There is plenty to do for seamstresses, woodworkers, general crafters, you-name-it! Even if you just want to check out the stories and help find inspiration on how to make them. The possibilities are endless and we are only limited by our own imaginations!  Please contact me if you have interest in creating a story! More on this later…

Next Week

Next week being Mabon, we will be presenting the story from the Spirit Play Mabon Holiday and Holy Days curriculum we were able to purchase this weekend. Again, thank you to our benefactor at Community Church, there is no way we could have done this without you!

Take Home

Next weekend is also, Clean up the World Week! I encourage parents to take a moment and think of a project suitable for sharing this experience with their little ones. While there is no formal group formed in Texas at this time, it is a golden opportunity to explore our Violet Promise, or 7th principle! It is never too early to learn to care for our home! The older children will have an opportunity to take some time to beautify our grounds at the end of next week’s story time. Let’s teach them how to make a difference!

Parent Notes: 11SEP11Making Promises

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