Hello Hotei!

What a wonderful start to our program! We had a wonderful morning, started by our own chalice lighting and a two minute laughter meditation, which was much fun! Next, we were joined by our very own portrayal of Hotei. The children ushered him into the sanctuary with laughter and dancing.

When we returned to the classroom, we spoke of Hotei as the “Laughing Buddha” and about how having a loving heart can help them learn to tolerate others actions. I was very impressed at the depth of conversation from our school-aged children. As we spoke they colored and twisted pipe cleaners into fun distractions. HoteiColoring pages from BestColoringPages.com.

I’ve composed our first copy of parent Notes for our parents to keep up with what we accomplished today and some take home activities for them to share with their young ones and help them grow with the knowledge we shared. This will be a routine practice and I hope that it is enjoyed. 4SEPT11HelloHotei

This week’s Parent/Child Home Activity: Seeding the Heart, Loving-kindness practice with Children

Next week, we will have formal registration for the children and we will be introducing them to the 7 Principals.

Brightest Blessings!


About sjfdre

I am a Unitarian Universalist parent and the Director of Religious Education at Sacred Journey Unitarian Universalist Church in Garland, Texas. This blog will be used to document my adventures in raising my own children and teaching others how to be socially, emotionally and spiritually responsible youth in this liberal faith.
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